Our Therapists


Age: 32    Height: 183

「 特約師傅 」

New! Joined 26 Sep 2023


Stunning, gorgeous and ripped, Jasper carries the body of a professional bodybuilder that will make you drool like nothing else can. As a personal trainer, he uses trigger point therapy to help clients soothe muscle tension, relieve pain and combat fatigue. Let his natural charm and masculinity take your massage experience to new heights.


Age: 29    Height: 178

Junior Masseur

New! Joined 9 Sep 2023


Manly, sporty, polite and gentle, Will is a dark-skinned sportsman who excels in swimming and sun tanning. He is well mannered and pays great attention to every clients needs making a massage session with him a very enjoyable adventure.


Age: 27    Height: 175  

Expert Masseur & Sports Therapist

「 具備 專業按摩 及 運動治療 資格 」


Gym-fit, considerate and very skillful, Marcus is a personal trainer with a manly beard who has extensive knowledge on muscle development and fatigue remedy. His cheerful personality, figure and skills will surely not disappoint. Highly recommended!


Age: 22    Height: 172

Senior Masseur & Facial Treatment Therapist

模特兒 Level 靚仔小鮮肉

Charming, athletic and equipped with a model like face, Chun is a university student and a new masseur.  Owing to his outstanding appearance and young sporty body, he will definitely leave a lasting impression. Although fresh to the team, his massage skills have already been praised by some clients.


Age: 32    Height: 184

Expert Masseur & Sports Therapist

「 具備 專業按摩 及 運動治療 資格 」

Welcome back! Rejoined 11 Sep 2023


Muscular, tattooed and masculine. Bill is a professional fitness coach who has a sharp jaw line and big body. With a strong sporty body, massages given by him are guaranteed to be full of strength, helping you relax your fatigued muscles.


Age: 25    Height: 173

Junior Masseur

Welcome back! Rejoined 20 Sep 2023


Cute, sporty and well built, John has the physique of a swimmer and specializes in oil massage. He will use a combination of massage techniques to stimulate your blood circulation, relax contracted muscles and facilitate elimination of waste matter.


Age: 27    Height: 180

Senior Masseur & Facial Treatment Therapist


Tall, slim fit and good-looking, Keith has the appearance and style of a Korean star.  Having previous experiences working as a masseur, he is skilled and well-trained to satisfy your needs through a comfortable massage. He is the bad boy that everybody likes.


Age: 27    Height: 175

Junior Masseur

Welcome back! Rejoined 9 Sep 2023


Cheerful, energetic and sporty fit, Red is a sportsman and has dark skin who excels in swimming. As a swimmer, not does he have a toned and cut body, he also has ample knowledge in physical training and muscle recovery to aid his massage.


Age: 32    Height: 182 

Expert Masseur


Jacked, straight-acting and masculine, Raymond is a basketball player and is a gym lover.  As a sports player, he uses a wide range of massage techniques on him self. With that in mind, clients can rest assured that they will be getting the best massage he has to offer.


Age: 25    Height: 175

Junior Masseur


Attractive, good-looking and boyfriendable, Theo has a profoundly tender and passionate affection for animals. He adores playing sports which explains his fit, solid and seductive body. How can you resist such a lovely personality and desirable physique?


Age: 30    Height: 175

「 特約師傅 」


Jacked, sexy and masculine, Louis is a sportsman and has dark skin who excels in swimming and fitness. With his strong and attractive body, he delivers massages to perfection with his impeccable skills in sports therapy.

A masseur with a jaunty personality that you should not miss!


Age: 28    Height: 173

「 特約師傅 」


Handsome, clean-cut, muscular, Alan has a physique comparable to a pro-athlete. With a strong sporty body, massages given by him are quaranteed to be full of strength, helping you relax your fatigued muscles. With clients often praising him for his massage skills, handsomeness, nice personality and sexy abs.


Age: 27    Height: 178

「 特約師傅 」 

Welcome back! Rejoined 30 Sep 2023

模特兒 Level 混血猛男

Handsome, charming and muscular. Louis is a mixed and he is very adept at reducing muscle pain by using a variety of techniques such as kneading and rubbing. Like a star out of a movie, his looks, manly beard and massage will surely leave a lasting impression. This boy is very popular!


Age: 31   Height: 180 

「 特約師傅 」 ‧  只限外出服務


Muscular, ripped and irrestible, Oliver is a highly talented pianist with a lovely personality. He carries a gorgeous six-pack abs and a massive chest that will make you drool like nothing else can. He also works as a personal trainer with abundant experience in muscle training and relaxation. A masseur you must try and won’t ever forget!


Age: 34    Height: 175

Expert Masseur & Sports Therapist

「 具備 專業按摩 及 運動治療 資格 」


Jacked, tattooed, polite and gentle, Andrew is a personal trainer who is highly experienced in giving massage. it comes with no surprise that he is also muscular, a feature which is hard to miss. With his massage and thoughtful personality, clients would find their stress eased in no time.


Age: 26    Height: 178

Senior Masseur

溫柔斯文 服務周到

Tall, good-looking, polite and gentle, Mason is an exceptionally charming boy that will turn heads and attract attention wherever he goes. He serves clients with the utmost professionalism leaving a lasting impression on anyone he services. Look at his smile and let him gently massage your muscles for a complete release of your stress and tension.



Age: 25    Height: 175

Junior Masseur

乖巧斯文 細心照顧小男生

Appealing, courteous and athletic, Nick is a meticulous boy who knows how to please and service. As a new masseur, his refreshing energy and enthusiam can certainly bring you a rejuenating experience. You will be leaving with full contentment and satisfaction.


Age: 24    Height: 182 

Senior Masseur


Tall, considerate and good-looking, if you are looking for a prince charming to give you a massage, you need look no further. Not only does Andy have the look of a prince, his massages are also gentle and exquisite, guaranteed to make you swoon and come back for more.



Age: 26    Height: 179

Senior Masseur 


Good-looking, tall and easy-going, Philip is very popular masseur. He is a Chinese-Western mixed race, But he can only speak English. Being taught by our best masseurs, Philip’s skills will surely impress and satisfy you. Client will be completely relaxed after a massage given by this handsome fella with a gentle demeanour.


Age: 27    Height: 170 

Junior Masseur


Charming, polite and slim fit, Charles is one of the newest masseurs our spa has to offer. Although a new masseur, his devotion to work, positive attitude and fresh appearance cannot go unnoticed, Curious by nature, a session with Charles will surely be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


Age: 22    Height: 175

Junior Masseur


Handsome, energetic and outdoorsy, Stephen is our youngest masseur. Young but experienced, this boy can offer you a rejuvenating massage experience that will make you come back for more.  If tanned skin and fresh meat is your type, look no further!